Grab your beach towel and sunscreen! Beaches all along the 72 miles of California’s coastline are open and ready to enjoy—albeit with restrictions. With limited access to entertainment in the area, a day at the Huntington Beach Pier, Seal Beach, or Sunset Beach is one of this summer’s most anticipated activities.

But with beachfront summer recreation comes responsibility, and we can all do our part to keep our beaches clean. Here are three simple things we can do right now to create an awesome beach experience for everyone.

Haul Out What You Haul In 

A day at the beach means plenty of cool drinks, snacks, toys—and trash. Did you know there are 850 trash cans on Huntington Beach? That means a trash can is conveniently located near you no matter where you go. If the trash is full, go ahead and take your garbage home to dispose of it elsewhere.

Don’t Let Summer Fun Go Up in Flames

What’s better than a day at the beach? How about a summer night on the beach? To ensure that your night at the beach remains safe, remember that alcohol is prohibited, and fires are only allowed in a designated area. For example, Huntington Beach offers 100 concrete rings that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Wood can be purchased from local merchants or hauled in. Just remember not to burn pallets, because they leave behind hundreds of sharp nails that can injure barefoot visitors.

Take the Memories, but Leave the Sand Behind

Did you know that the maintenance crew at Huntington Beach regularly rakes the sand to keep the surface smooth and inviting? You can imagine how much raking was needed after one million people attended the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow in 2017.

Let’s be honest: Sand in your shoes, shorts, and even your hair isn’t pleasant. This is why showers are strategically placed around the beach to help you clean off after a day of catching waves and creating sandcastles. By removing excess sand, you’ll also keep it out of your car as well as off the floors of local restaurants and retailers.

Summer, surf, and sand are a perfect combination. By making sure you leave the beach area you used cleaner than when you arrived, enjoying beach fires in designated areas, and rinsing off excess sand before you leave, your favorite beach will remain a favorite destination for years to come.