What’s your favorite ice cream? Pistachio? Chunky Monkey with caramel chunks? Raspberry sorbet? There are so many flavors to choose from, and luckily for you, you have all month long to experiment. July is National Ice Cream Month, so why not order takeout from a few local shops to celebrate?

Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

1. Cravings Ice Cream

If you’re feeling adventurous, this is your spot. Only a mere 10-minute drive from Porto Bella Apartments, Cravings Ice Cream is known for their waffle sandwich and ice cream tacos. Imagine a scoop of creamy ice cream surrounded by two freshly made waffles or placed in a waffle taco shell. If this isn’t heaven on earth, we don’t know what is.

2. Shave It

Would it really be summer in Southern California without shaved ice? Shave it your way at this ideal spot. Choose a flavor, choose a size, and get ready for your taste buds to explode. Flavors are flown straight from Hawaii and are so natural, you’d think you were on vacation.Â

3. Louks Greek Baby Donuts

Fresh filled donuts topped with homemade ice cream? What more could a person want? At Louks Greek Baby Donuts shop, there are plenty of donut flavors to choose from: birthday cake, dulce de leche, churro doodle, and more. Each comes with a unique custard filling. With an additional $2.95, you can add your choice of ice cream. Soft donut cake, warm filling, and creamy ice cream sound like the perfect combination.

4. Cauldron Ice Cream

Not only does Cauldron Ice Cream offer the creamiest consistency, but they also have one of the coolest histories out there. Originally started in a garage in the outskirts of Costa Mesa, this boutique ice cream shop has expanded to 10 locations all throughout California. Every quarter, the business creates new flavors, so their customers never grow bored. If you’re craving something rich, try their dutch chocolate. If you want something light, their blend of jasmine and green tea ice cream flavors would be perfect. Or if you want a breakfast sweet treat, their milk and cereal (milk ice cream coated with frosted flakes and served during breakfast hours) would be sure to hit the spot.

Don’t miss out on National Ice Cream month this year. Visit one (or all!) of the local shops above. Supporting local businesses and satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time sounds like a win-win to us.