Life doesn’t always happen the way you expect it to. Nobody was planning for a pandemic to take over 2020, and COVID-19 continues to throw a wrench into just about everything. Amid all the upheaval, even normal life changes can be stressful.

Moving into a new home is a taxing experience no matter which way you look at it, and a worldwide pandemic does nothing to calm the nerves. You can’t always change your plans, so how do you make sure you are staying safe if you are moving during a pandemic? With a bit of planning and social distancing, you can still pull off a safe move. Here are three rules to follow.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Finding and moving to a new home may take a little longer than usual during a pandemic. The logistics of looking for a new place could be a little different, especially if you can’t make a trip in person. 

Try to get started earlier than you normally would to give yourself extra time to schedule safe in-person visits. If you can’t take a tour in person, there are virtual options available. At Porto Bella, we are happy to accommodate your scheduled visit to check out apartments. We also have a floor plan map and extensive photos of our property to give you a feel for your options. 

Try to get all your moving supplies in one trip, if possible, to avoid going out more than you need to. Plan ahead to figure out everything you will need, including the usual products like boxes and tape and new necessities like cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Get everything packed up before any help shows up to ensure the move goes quickly and smoothly.

Use Safety Measures

Whether you’re enlisting the help of family members or hiring a moving company, put measures in place to keep everyone safe. Talk about your expectations with your helpers so everybody knows where you stand. Have masks, hand sanitizer, and other protection available for people to use. If you are using a company to help with moving during a pandemic, do your research to find out what safety measures they have put in place. Practice social distancing, even with helpers you know.

Moving Day Precautions

A bit more will go into your moving day than in years past. If your move will require travel, decide whether driving, flying, or using another method is safest for you. As you plan your route, find out about the levels of COVID-19 transmission along your way, what restrictions are in place, and what extra precautions you might need to take. If you are coming to Norwalk from another county or state, you could go through areas of higher or lower transmission. Wear a mask and practice social distancing during any stops along the way. Look into the procedure for renting a truck, if necessary, and the policies for moving into your new home to ensure you are following the rules and staying safe.

You can move to a new home safely, even if you find yourself moving during a pandemic. Give yourself extra time, take extra precautions, and plan your moving day carefully to ensure you enter this new chapter in life safely.