Getting through the COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, from individuals and families staying at home to businesses trying to survive. If you want to do your part to help businesses around you in Norwalk stay afloat, supporting local restaurants is a delicious way to do that. 

While health restrictions have changed the way restaurants do business during COVID-19, many have been able to adapt and provide service to hungry customers in a whole new way. With takeout, curbside pickup, delivery, and sometimes even outdoor dining, there are many options available to people who want to fill their bellies by supporting local restaurants. Here are three places you should try in Norwalk.

TNT Mexican Restaurant 

11042 Rosecrans Avenue

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, look no further than TNT Mexican Restaurant. This eatery specializes in recipes from the Jalisco region, with shrimp tacos, menudo, pozole, and plenty of other options to keep your belly full and satisfied. Be sure to give their torta ahogada a try, along with some michelada. You won’t be disappointed!

Rancho Grande 

10935 Rosecrans Avenue

Rancho Grande has been serving up quality Mexican food in Norwalk since 1974, and this family restaurant puts just as much love into its cooking today as the day it opened its doors. Rancho Grande fans love the Louie Special and the wet burrito, but you’re sure to find something to love here, whatever your taste buds prefer. 

Stinkin Crawfish

11752 Firestone Boulevard

Crawfish isn’t the first food you think of when you’re searching for a good meal in Southern California. You won’t want to miss out on Stinkin’ Crawfish, though. Just a quick five-minute drive away from the Porto Bella Apartments, this is a great place nearby for takeout and even outdoor dining. If you like shrimp, crab, mussels, and other delicious seafood, this is a great place to try. Don’t forget dessert while you’re there—reviewers love the deep-fried Oreos. 

As you and your loved ones work to stay safe through the pandemic, getting some delicious takeout or dining outdoors can be a bright spot in your day. Try these local Norwalk restaurants and others as a way to continue supporting local restaurants.

Photo credit: TNT Mexican Restaurant